Consultancy for public authorities

We help governments lead in sustainable development through:

  • Sustainable Urban Development: Resilient Smart Cities and Circular Economy, Nature-inclusive Cities, the 15-minute City
  • Energy transition, climate change mitigation & adaptation, zero-carbon economy
  • Change and Innovation Management

We help create sustainable cities by consulting about:

  • Real Estate Management and Development
  • Public-Private Partnerships
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Consultancy towards private enterprises

We support enterprises to take the driver’s seat:

  • Value-driven Strategic & Integrated Sustainability Consultancy
  • Implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals into workable packages and long-term plans
  • Implementation of Circular Economy Strategy: rethink, redesign, reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose, recycle, recover, regenerate

We guide organizations through rapidly changing circumstances:

  • Process guidance towards embedded sustainability, transition coaching towards future-fitness
  • In-depth critical analysis and evaluation, policy recommendations through an all-inclusive and crossover approach
  • Value chain analysis, supply chain transformation to supply circles through a whole-system perspective, environmental connectivity, ecosystem restoration and bio-diversity
  • Resilience, System Change and Innovation Management
  • Carbon Accounting & Strategy following leading science (GreenHouseGas Protocol)

We secure your viability advantage thanks to our:

  • Real Estate planning, (re-)development & management
  • Energy transition, climate change mitigation & adaptation, zero-carbon economy, water system management
  • Consultancy regarding Public-Private Partnerships
  • Business models for bridging seemingly higher costs (ESCO, CESCO, MaaS, LaaS)
  • Project management of climate mitigation & adaptation projects

The provision of advice is based on the methodology of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark (see

  • The Future-Fit Business Benchmark, recently developed, is an outstanding management tool for self-assessment, helping to make and measure progress towards a state of future-fitness. It is science-based and holistic.
  • Companies may choose to become a Future-Fit Pioneer, engaging to work and publish progress towards Future-Fitness. Count on GRUUND for advisory!
  • Wouter Demuynck, founder of GRUUND, is Future-Fit Certified Professional
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