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Strategic Sustainability Advisory - towards a regenerative and thriving economy

Preparation for EU CSRD reporting

  • The upcoming reporting regulations now put sustainability at the very centre. How can we best prepare for these regulations and turn this need into an opportunity to make business activity throughout the value chain more sustainable and thus resilient?
  • check this out: a collaboration with VOKA in Gent and Hasselt.

Accounting & Carbon Reduction Strategy:

  • Corporate Carbon Accounting for Scope 1, 2 and 3
  • Development of a carbon emission reduction strategy towards a zero-carbon economy throughout the entire value chain
  • GRUUND uses the cloud-based software of Carbon+Alt+Delete, which is built on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1 and certified by Vinçotte as a validated calculation method

Holistic Sustainability Advisory based on the Future-Fit methodology:

  • GRUUND uses the Future-Fit methodology -
  • GRUUND uses the Future-Fit Risk profiler to assess the materiality impact of the company towards society. This is the starting point for a trajectory towards a Future-Fit Business which operates in full respect to a social foundation and planetary boundaries throughout the entire value chain
  • The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and adds measurability and a clear destination
  • GRUUND is Future-Fit Accredited Advisor
  • Wouter Demuynck is Future-Fit Certified Professional

Sustainability Advisory for Circular Economy and Sustainable Value Chains

  • Our linear economy is bound to be transformed to a circular one. We need to rethink, redesign, reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose, recycle, recover, regenerate.

Change Management with the 7E - model

  • Behaviour change does not happen overnight. We need to enlighten, exemplify, enable. We need to engage, encourage, enthuse. We need to let people experience.
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Wouter Demuynck, founder and Change Driver

  • Master in Engineering, Master in Real Estate Management, Master Business Administration "Sustainability & Leadership"
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Resilient and Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Real Estate
  • Future-Fit Certified Professional
  • Carbon Strategy Expert
  • +30 years experience

Mark Gargiulo, Strategy & Operations Advisor and Change Driver

  • Master in Applied Economic Sciences
  • Sustainability Management (Columbia University's Earth Institute)
  • Rethinking value chains
  • Innovation Management
  • +10 years experience

Chris Hoerée, Organization & Leadership Coach

  • Master in Psychology, MBA
  • 7E-specialist, change management, co-creation and facilitation
  • Leadership coaching
  • Economy for the Common Good expert
  • Purpose, identity and branding
  • Anchoring human values and ecological sustainability in business plans
  • Co-founder of Earthways

We regularly collaborate with Jan Beyne and Sara Vermeulen from Route2030

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