1 december 2020

What about Planetary Stewardship? - Rockström

Johan Rockström made us aware of planetary boundaries. Read here what we can learn from this.

Planetary Boundaries + global commons = planetary stewardship

It was Johan Rockström who made us aware of planetary boundaries, more than a decade ago. He told us that we need to stay within safe boundaries in order to keep a stable zone for humanity. It is clear now, that we have been moved outside these boundaries and that we are destabilizing the entire planet. Tipping points are being crossed. We cause massive biodiversity loss and irreversible climate change. Record breaking climate events cause fires in Australia, California, Siberia and the Amazon, and floods in China, Bangladesh and India. Greenland is losing massive ice and Siberian permafrost is thawing at dramatic scales. Nine out of the 15 big biophysical systems that regulate climate are now on the move.

Johan Rockström calls us to go for the most profound transformation the world has ever known. The next ten years are decisive for the future of humanity. It’s our mission to act!

Watch this pleading for planetary stewardship!


Want to know how to act? Call GRUUND! We know it can be done!